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My sculptural works reference generic and vernacular forms, design, and imagery that are recognized in different urban settings. These sculptures, which range from being constructed from a variety of materials and mediums are objects or images whose abundance and lasting presence make them memorable and learned. I see these objects as inexplicably ingrained in our minds, and I try to assess why they are so familiar by analyzing the shapes and forms of the subject matter.  These sculptures both appropriate existing design through material substitution and abstraction.  I am also drawn to the reasoning behind objects' and architecture's conception and construction.  These urban and domestic items have intentional design qualities that only get partial recognition due to their application to functions of necessity and utility. Their originating aesthetics entwine function with decorative sentimentality directed at particular societies. 

The objects and images serve as representations of visual culture and movements of design.  They directly reference ideological time frames and nostalgic constants. My objective is to explore facets of my urban culture by continuing to reconstruct urban and domestic archetypes and recycling them these designs for sculptural purposes.  Similar to my interest in objects and forms of commonality, materials common to architecture and craft are important to my practice.  I employ methods of re-using banal materials that translate to themes of phenomenology and natural re-constitution.  My goal is to push materials to extremely new capabilities while referencing our relationship with banality and what it means to us.