Little Galleries

Little Galleries is a Madison public arts project combining the idea of public art viewing with Madison local artists.  The project was initiated by Rachel Bruya and Jeremy Wineberg who based much of it on the already existing Little Libraries project in Madison, which incorporates free community book exchange throughout multiple locations in the city.  Each Little Library is specifically designed and often references the site it's been installed in.  Likewise, this has been the objective of the Little Galleries project.  In the spring of 2013 with the assistance of the city of Madison's public funding for the arts, Bruya and Wineberg merged their project with UW's "Service Learning in the Arts" program.  The artists Gabe Strader-Brown and Dean Allen collaborated with the Little Galleries team and helped design and construct the gallery structures that host the artwork.  Little Galleries can be viewed on East Mifflin Street and Monroe Street in Madison and exhibit monthly rotating artists of Madison.  More information can be found at


Marla Bakery

Gabe Strader-Brown has been happy to contribute a sculptural piece to Marla Bakery in San Francisco.  Marla Bakery is located in the Outer Richmond area of San Francisco and is committed to bringing local and quality cuisine to the community.  It also happens to be owned two important people to Strader-Brown; Amy Brown, Gabe's sister, and Joe Wolf, Gabe's brother-in-law.  The spectacular bakery's food speaks for itself, but the actual design and construction of the bakery was collaborated with by Amy's friends and family.  Gabe has been happy to be a part of Marla in an artistic manner.